nailing 16 positions!!!

Oh yah baby!!!!
So you wanna mill for 24 hrs, hitting 16 positions!
No problem.
I set up a programmer "unbeliever", 16 positions.
Set up the spread on an ice cold machine. Set all tool rpm's to relatively
the same rpm to control heat.
had him run the first position till it was repeating within a tenth, non
stop 3 pieces in a row. When confident change the number run 16 positions,
20 minutes a part. Hit go!
All locations x-y-z- +-.0001.
All friggen day I had to listen to that shit...waaa, wtf are we doing, cant
they grind it, etc....
At the end of the day I hear...damn, the last electrode is perfect as the
first one.
Anybody can go fast, anybody can hold a tenth.
Well, actually, I just told 2 lies.
I am vindicated!
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Friggenbozo says" Tents are for clowns...Tenths are for men who are underpaid and under appreciated with wives who suck up their paychecks.
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16 positions? This is the first time you ever seen the Kama Sutra?
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Is that what vinny is short for?
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Steve Walker
Being a machinist means knowing your machine well enough to know how to operate it at the edge of it's performance parameters. There is no better way to learn those parameters than the scientific method.
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