non-rotary dial indicator?

When aligning our Renishaw probe or the tailstock on the lathe - or any other operation where the dial indicator must rotate and the part remain stationary, we fiddle around with mirrors and stuff trying to read the friggin' clock during a full turn. I seem to remember a dial indicator where the dial clock was arrested to the machine with a piece of string and a magnet while the rest of the indicator rotated with the spindle... anybody seen such a beast?

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Jan Nielsen
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I believe what you are looking for is a "Blake Co-Ax" indicator. Most all of the tooling supply houses carry them.


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Mark Phillips

Best price I found was at enco, buy the BLAKE, not the cheaper copy, your results will pay for the difference in price


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I'll second that, and so would John Blake, my manager, whose father invented it.

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It's not what you're looking for but....

I see a lot of guys at work always clamp their standard Mitutoyo indicators on the dovetail above the clock (*top* of the indicator) or the one on that back, behind the clock. They crane their heads around and get all contortionist-like to dial in a hole.

One should always keep in mind that there is also a very handy dovetail below the clock, on the front of the indicator. Using this dovetail, you can adjust the indicator's point to be 90º from the body (basically sticking out the back). When used to find a hole on a mill, the clock is facing directly up at the operator no matter what the orientation of the spindle is, and the point is always in the hole. No acrobatics required.

Just thought I'd share for people that haven't see an indicator setup that way yet.



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Robin S.

You know, two nights ago I saw one set up that way and went???? Why have I not done that before.

The obvious is always.

Wes S

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excaping me...

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Thanks for the info, guys... I'll pass it to The Boss tomorrow.

Enco list it to $188.95 - that's about 1/3 of the prize our local tool pimp came up with for a similar gadget of unknown orgin. Acording to The Boss, the name was "indy kator" something... Bless his non-english speaking soul. =20



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J. Nielsen

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