Real LIghts out Machining I'm reading thru some of the older posts here and I'm seein that my best bud jonnieb. says that lights out machining means
unatttended machining fer just an hour or two and I thought well.....I ain't never known jonnie to be wrong so its gotta be gospel.
so then...i'm a thinkin that I'd post a link to a couple pics of some lights out machining I did a couple of weeks ago. I went home fer lunch fer about 45 minutes while nobody was watchin my cnc so I'm sure it qualifies as "lights out machining". On second thought, I think I left the lights on while I was gone.....maybe it don't quite qualify. I'll get wif jonnieb later and see whut he says cuz he's always right and anyone that sez different is just jealous cuz u aint him. /
I really gotta find a job where they make me work a lil harder.......NAAAAAAHHHH
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