Round inserts in square-insert facemills?

Awl --

I got the normal facemills that take approx. 1/2" square inserts (center hole), point facing down, but I need to cut (not chamfer) up a 45 deg incline. If I could put a round insert in the facemill with any kind of mechanical stability, I could then do this. Possible? Inyone done it?

If that's not possible, do they make a face-type mill with the point of the square insert aiming outward at 45 deg?

Or, I'll just get a face mill that takes round inserts, and hopefully enough sticks out at 45 deg that I can cut with it up the incline.

Basically what we are trying to do is rough out approx 45 deg cones on a 4th axis. I could tilt the 4th axis, but it would be a lot easier just to make the angle move in X-Z with a suitably angled insert.

And if not, then I'll just have to make an angles platform for the 4th axis.

Yeah, no cnc lathe....

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Side mill with longer flute endmill? Instead of X.Z, X-Y?


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Side mill with longer flute endmill? Instead of X.Z, X-Y? ===================================

Yeah, actually already do that, but not in the 4th axis, was going to try this in 4th axis as the next evolution.

But, the material is tough (4140), and the diameter sizable (2 1/4), and the roughing endmills perty expensive/shortlived, AND the process slow.

In my hack-machining experience, it seems hard to beat sheer speed of volume of material removal with a face mill, with a comparatively low dollar consumption of cutting edges to boot.

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Search for CoroMill 245

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If you are looking to get a facemill that can hold octagonal, square or round inserts with many different inserts to choose from depending on the material being cut, this company has some cool stuff.

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The Freedom cutters are very versatile.



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Any reason you can't cut DOWN the incline, like from the big end of the cone toward the smaller end? Any facemill will do that.


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Nests are avilable for the below mills that allowing for use of round, square or octagonal inserts in 1/8 or 3/16 thickness as well as in 1/2 or

5/8 IC

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