Speed/Feed Reality Check

I have a small milled part made from precipitation hardening stainless 46-
49 Rc.
I need to face mill with a small insert cutter, rough and finish mill a
slot just under 3/8" wide X 1/16" deep. I also have to mill some small
narrow keys with a solid carbide key seat cutter. Probably 4-6 teeth due to
small size. I can't use a saw as the keys are flush to the floor of the
Anyway just looking for some speed and feed data and maybe some tool
vendors to try. I figure the home made key cutter will run at 90 SFM and
maybe a thou or two per tooth (It's narrow). What I'm really not sure of is
the end mills. I'm thinking a good coated 5/16" 6 flute end mill for
finishing should run maybe 200 SFM and .001" IPT. The part finishes small
and fairly thin walled. The finish mill has to put in some external radii
using the periphery of the end mill. The end mall has to have dead sharp
Any ideas?
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D Murphy
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Well last time I toured they had just recently installed a passivation tank--unfortunately Rob was out most the weekend him and his wife are house-hunting....they called him into the office the other day usually review possible pay raises occur only once/ year...
Anyways yeah if the shineys are SOooo important to the customer then yeah electro probly applies here--I was in our plater's facility a month or so back and he was doing some largish weldments ( tug exhaust stacks ) the difference was profound--his explanation was it removes all iron from the surface and pores thus leaving mostly chrome big acid vat with LV high current rectified connection IIRC...says he'd like to toss that meddling wench from the epa straight into the that tank ranting here now though...
Ill tryna remember but if I forget and you still aint resolved the issue then feel free to gimmee a lil nudge...
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Bipolar Bear
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Thanks. I'm just quoting at the mo' so no biggie. We'll end up running these though. It's just the kind of PITA job that's right up our alley.
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D Murphy
Good luck then.
I talked to him today he said it's mostly 15-5 and they run mid 30's Rc and use as is except for a handful of parts of which they instead rough first then HT to low /mid 40's before finally finishing anything critical.
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