While SolidWorks Is Coughing Up A Hairball...

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"VX has Class A surfacing which allows it to handle complex tangency
problems which other systems find difficult."
"VX has historically been a very impressive tool and is a pioneer of the
hybrid modelling approach that many of the mainstream modelling systems
are now adopting. The ability to work with a true mixture of surface and
solid geometry is a real bonus for those working with complex forms, but
the real benefit is the editability of those features (whatever there
particular type)."
"So, whether you're looking to make the move from 2D to 3D, thinking about
moving to an advanced modelling system or in the market for a CAD/CAM
system, then I think you'd have to be either very cash rich or clinically
insane not to seriously consider VX and all that it has to offer"
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jon banquer
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Clue: A fillet is an arc that is tangent to two other entities, one on each end.
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Yes he's retarded and spamming the solidworks group with his newfound religion.
I don't think anyone here really cares. :)
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sittingduck wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@individual.net:
Some do it seems,
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