Wire EDM Turning

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A new twist in recent years with Wire EDM turning. (pun intended ).

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The sound is crappy, but look at the "fins" on the top of the pawn shaped part. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

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I couldn't figoure out why the top of that looked "transparent"... It's all little fins!!


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I saw mold shops doing this with motorized Harig whirlygigs in the early

1990's. Like everything else in the machine trades the idea has been greatly improved upon.
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Black Dragon

Nice find BB, I did some similar type work at Douglas Aircraft back in the late

80's, wish I had that rotating spindle then!!


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A better pun in the video: "..... spark some interest...." :)

Incredible, tho. And ditto Halfnutz: I didn't even realize those were the fins!!

How'd you like to take THAT home as a sample??

I wonder what rpm they turned the material at. It's proly irrelevant, no? Or simply the faster the better?

Surface finish??

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Proctologically Violated©®

It looked like a couple 'hunert rippum.

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Why not just use a parting tool?

RogerN :-)

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From the looks of it the situation was too delicate for that.


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because there's no load with sparking.....and no lumps of swooorrffff.

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