Automation of excel Files in Matlab

I have about 3000 files in excel and want to automate them in matlab in order to analysis all these files in matlab.

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That's interesting.

What's your question?

I assume that you want us to figure out that you want to process these files in MatLab, and you're looking for pointers on how to do it -- yes?

Perhaps you should post your question to the MatLab group, detailing:

  • What's in these Excel files.
  • What you want distilled out.
  • What you expect MatLab to do for you that Excel can't.
  • What it is about your problem that you can't solve.
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Tim Wescott

No question, just a problem. He probably wouldn't have a problem if he were articulate enough to formulate a question.

Tim, I admire you for your patience; mine seems to be wearing out.

Old Grump

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Jerry Avins

Mathworks have a tookbox called "Excel Link" that might do what you want. You can see information at:

formatting link
If this is not possible, the core Matlab product has a simple ability to read and write XLS files, maybe that will work for you.

dave y.

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dave y.

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