Back pressure control valve

can anyone explain me in exact what is Back Pressure Control valve with typical example.

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A valve that controls back pressure?

A little context would be nice--there's a lot of pressure control valves around! "Back pressure" is just defined by your point of view in the process.

Where is your valve? What are you doing with it?

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A valve which is made to open and close throttle the flow through it so as to maintain constant the pressure upstream of the valve. As pressure upstream falls, so the valve will throttle-in the flow in an attempt to increase the pressure upstream, and vice-versa: if pressure upstream rises too far, the valve will open to increase the flow and reduce the pressure upstream.

In some industries; e.g. the water treatment industry, the valves to do this are especially designed for the industry application.

Kelvin B. Hales Kelvin Hales Associates Limited Consulting Process Control Engineers Web:

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Kelvin Hales

Could you mean a check valve?

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No.. it's a little more complicated than that.

As Kelvin explained, a Back Pressure Control Valve is typically a valve body with an internal diaphragm and a bunch of spaghetti-thin pipework conected to various parts of it to get it to work properly.


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