Commercial temperature controller

I have purchased a commercial (Omega) temperature controller for a lab
experiment. The unit seems to work quite well but the manual that came
with the controller assumes a fair amount of familiarity with the jargon
associated with control engineering and only explains how to set the
various conditions in the controller. I was expecting at least a theory
of operation or some explanation of what the various terms mean. I'm
familiar with PID control terminology but things like Set point 2 and
it's meaning and use are pretty obscure. Could someone point me to a
short tutorial or web article that would clear up some of the mysteries
for me?
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Jim Parson
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A term like "Set point 2" is unique to the particular brand controller. Information about that would have to be obtained from the vendor.
I have a tutorial on PID (but with general, not vendor specific information) at:
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with more details in an eBook for sale on that site. But for vendor specific information, if the manual is not clear contact the vendor.
Maybe someone here has used that particularl controller and can answer questions.
John Shaw Process Control Solutions
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John Shaw

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