DC motor driver


I am using L298, LMD18200 for driving dc motors.

Now I am finding similar devices which has 8~10A current limit.

I have searched many websites ( national, st, motorola, etc) but

I didn't find proper one.

Our contol system consists of TI DSP C2x, 24V(150W) DC motors

and proper H-bridge driver.

Please recommend H-bridge driver chips.

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Jun-Su Jang
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This would be a good post for sci.electronics.components. Unless someone has come out with something very recently you're not going to find a monolithic 10A driver, and certainly not a 24V one. You need to be looking at discrete MOSFETs and gate driver chips, and learning how to rope them together.

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Tim Wescott

Jun-Su Jang schrieb:

You can use 2 or 3 LMD18200 in parallel. I operate 3 in parallel with a 220W Motor. Working for two years now, no problems. Just connect the Supply Pins and the Output and the inputs of the three parts. But use seperate bootstrap-caps. I connected the Currentmonitor with Diodes together to get the sum. The LMD18200 should be mounted on the same heatsink for themal coupling.

Or take a look at Infineon Trilithic HC-Bridges like BTS7810


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Andreas Roesch

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