differences between Foxboro DCS

Hi All, if anybody can post a quick summary of the differences between the following Foxboro offerings it would be great.

My thoughts are

A2 = does it just use Invensys Eurotherm I/O AchestraA = I believe is just a software system IA series = Main DCS flagship offering SCADA = I believe is just software but is this true Foxboro A = I have no idea.

and I dont think I missed any.

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ArchestraA is more of a marketing tool than an actual product offering. All Foxboro products (software, I/O, controllers etc.) with the A2 logo should be able to talk to each other. Much as Hardware with the Microsoft Logo SHOULD seemlessly integrate with Microsoft Software.


A generic term which can loosely refer to any Supervisory Data Aquisition and Control sytem.

Me neither.

The WonderWare suite which is part of the ArchestraA platform has received a big marketing push in recent months. This product appears to be geared towards competing with smaller systems. It is A2 which means that theoretically you can have Foxboro I/A and Wonderware Systems running on the same control network.

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