How to determine coefficients for alpha beta gamma filter?

I want to use Alpha-Beta-Gamma Filter (or Kalman Filter) for the following problem:
I have the position and velocity of products on the conveyor in time
t=t1. How can I estimate the position in time t=t1+T (T is scan time) if I know acceleration a and max. velocity for this product? The product is on the conveyor.
Conveyor can change the speed every scan.
With acceleration a. It means, if conveyor has velocity at the time t=t1 v=V1, then at the time t=t1+T velocity can be
V1 or V1-a*T or V1+a*T.. I need probably Kalman filter and I am not sure if for my problem the Alpha-Beta-Gamma Filter would be good enough.
In literature there is formel for Alpha Beta-Gamma Tracking index: there is a formula for the calculation of the following coefficients :
メ (k + 1) = メ (k) + G メ (メ * - メ (k)) モ (k + 1) = モ (k) + G モ (モ * - モ (k)) G メ =1-exp(-1/K メ) G モ =1-exp(-1/K モ)
Kalpha and Kbeta are the first-order time constants dependent on the tracking index parameter .
How can I calculate these time constants?
I found for Alpha Beta filter the constants are calculated:
Kメ=4.20-4.20*メ* for 0.506<メ<1.0
Kメ=5.90-7.56*メ* for 0.184<メ<0.506
Kメ=7.14-14.29*メ* for 0.<メ<0.184
K モ =5.397-5.397*モ* for 0.931< モ <1.0
K モ =2.047-1.797* モ * for 0.27< モ <0.931
K モ =1.672-0.407* モ * for 0.< モ <0.27
How can I calculate these constants for メ- モ-ャ filter?
How can I determine tracking index for my problem (see above)?
I have scan time=2 msec and it is constant. But how can I determine:
ヲ : The measurement noise standard deviation which is determined from the object detection
scheme, i.e. the measurement process.(in my case it is accuracy from encoder value or・?).
ヲa: The maneuvering accelerations standard deviation. This parameter is related to the
object dynamics.
I would be very much grateful to you, if you could let me know your opinion on this problem.
Thanks in advance
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