RLC coefficients

hi there,

i need some help. how to get the steady state solution of this- RLC conntd across DC in parallel. Th eproblem i have is actually with the coefficients. Like in the case with real roots

solution is Aexp(s1t)+Bexp(s2t)

how do i get the values of A and B?

Thanx for any help.

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in article 42b11808$1 snipped-for-privacy@spool9-west.superfeed.net, niga at ganu snipped-for-privacy@yahoo-dot-com.no-spam.invalid wrote on 6/15/05 11:11 PM:

I hope that English is not your primary language, because you seem very inept at using it. Unfortunately, I am going to be even worse in whatever your primary language.

Nevertheless, I am surprised that you got so far in what appears to be the equivalent of a differential equation course without knowing how to answer your own question. Take two solutions you know at certain times. Substitute into the equation to get two ALGEBRAIC equations in A and B. Solve for A and B. Typically, but not always, you know values at t=0 and/or t=?.


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Refresh my memory folks. What's our hourly rate for consulting on homework?

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