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I have 20 years experience in aerospace engineering working for a variety of large companies. I have a PhD and have an extensive background in finite element modeling. Recently, I was asked to work on a project for a small company as a consultant. I would spend 10-15 hours per week doing finite element analysis. I'm trying to determine a fair hourly consulting fee. I've looked through the web to see if I can find a salary calculator for a job like this but haven't found anything. I would appreciate any help from the people in this newsgroup. Thanks.

Peter Soloman

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Agree on fees first, not later. $100 /hr on up is in the ball-park for life critical stuff, seems to me.

Brian Whatcott Altus OK

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Brian Whatcott

Dear ideamaker3:

What were you making? Break it down by the hour. What did your companies sell your time for? Average the two. Add in the amount of risk, to yourself and your future income, if they don't tell you everything you forgot to ask. The more you know, the cheaper for them. Break this out over the length of your expected employment with them.

Don't charge less than $100 per hour. Minimum 8 hours.

David A. Smith

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For a long term, low hour contract I agree that sounds about right. If they won't make any commitment I've seen rates up to $240 /h.


Greg Locock

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Greg Locock

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