Need help Identifying two stepper motors

Hi All. Wondering if someone can help me please. I need to identify two stepper motors. I have access to some, but don't know if they will be compatable with the controller. They are:

KH-56LM1-503 Made by the japan servo company

23LM-C005V No.TOY03-01 Made by mineba in taiwan

Have tried working it out through their websites with little luck. Old motors I'd say(But yet unused). I need to know if they are unipolar/bi-polar, and how many phase. I'm not really up on steppers. Thanks in advance Rob Australia

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4 leads bipolar, 6 leads unipolar. Unipolar motors can be run bipolar. Put them on an RLC bridge for coil characteristics. For current ratings, SWAG it from guage of the leads, or if you have one you can afford to burn hook it to an adjustable power supply and incrimentally bring the current up until it is running at a confortable temperature. Steppers typically run hot, somewhere between being able to keep your hand on it and SSH. Jeff
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Jeff Lowe

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