Siemens SCL Pascal question

I'm working on a program using SCL, every time I add a variable I have to
make sure to compile program of course, but I have to also make sure to
update the data block, download the updated data block, "check and update
accesses" from the calling block, etc.. And if I make a mistake, the
program can write outside of my data block and mess up data in other
So at the end of my data block, I was wanting to define arrays of spares of
REAL, INT, and BOOL. That way I can add a variable without so much risk of
messing up other things.
So, is there a way in SCL, supposed to be like Pascal, to call a spare by a
different name? Like naming "AccumulatedError := SpareReal[1];" and then
using "AccumulatedError" in my program instead of "SpareReal[1]"? Then when
I decide to update variables, I can change them from the spares to actual
defined variables. I find myself reluctant to use another variable because
there are so many steps to get it get the data block in sync with the
function block.
Now it's compile SCL
disable execution of old FB
Close DB's being monitored so they can be updated
go to calling block and save
this generates errors, so "Check and Update Accesses" from calling block(s).
Download all instance DB's
Download newly compiled SCL code
Save and go online with calling block
Open DB's for monitoring
Enable execution of FB
A lot of steps just to add a single variable. I thought if I could give the
variable name to a spare then it would simplify things a lot.
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