3 axis stage/desktop mill & controllers

Looking for experienced information of off the shelf 3 axis motion control systems. Similar to but not specifically the Max NC and Taig. I am not looking specifically for a 3 axis mill, but a three axis system, with similar capabilites. Nor do I particularly want to build a system from scratch, but I don't mind putting together the system components. G-code input is not an absolute requirement for input. I have done this before, a few years back (retrofitting 3 axis mills, and desktop engraving systems). Links will be helpfull, but I am more interested in others more recent experience...



Closed loop control (open control system - not closed) I must have access to control parameters Pc based or dedicated control .001 - .005 resolution .001 repeatability

5 x 5 x 5 inch envelope High rigidity not important

clay allen

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