South Bend 9 Inch Quick Change - Gear Question

Ok - I changed my gearing around on my 9 Inch South Bend lathe to do some weird threading.

Now - I am having troubles changing it back.

Can anyone tell me what gears are in line coming out of the Tumbler Reverse down to the Lead Screw?

The Lead screw should be 20T or 40T depending on what pitch you need to cut.

I don't have the legend plate for the gear train - only the thread pitches.

There is a 56T, and a 72T, also the extra 40T gear. Anybody know what should be the stud gear? then the rest in the gear train to the leadscrew?

Better Yet - anybody have a picture of the original plate that I can print out and keep by the lathe?

(Ok - I should have written this all down, but.................) (blame it on beer, that's all I can say........)

Thanks for the help!

Slightly Embarassed Joe

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Joe Comunale
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There is a nice little program called change.exe available for download (free) from Scott Logan's Machinery site.

Not sure of the URL but I am sure you will be able to find it. Just enter the gears you have and it works out every combination going to and coming back from metric to imperial etc etc. If all else fails - contact me and I will forward it to you (due acknowledgement to Logan Machinery - but I think it is now obviously 'public' domain)

Happy machining

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