South Bend 10" lathe questions; Please help!

Brand new to this fine group; I hope that someone here may assist me in
helping identify my 1941 South Bend Lathe that I just inherited from my
Wife's machinist grandfather.
Here is what I know for sure:
On the headstock cover, ther is a nomenclature plate with the following
Catalog #: 197-A
Model #: B-10
Bed Length: 4'
It has UH-102 stamped on the headstock, with what appears to be a 1 7/8
x 8 T.P.I. spindle,
Model 4206-53 South Bend/Skinner chuck; 4 jaw; no keyway inside
I talked with someone at SB; he is not real sure of what I've got, but
he did give me a copy of the original build card. He's a real nice guy.
I assume that this is a "Heavy 10"; but I am not sure. I would like to
find/buy another chuck and other accessories, such as a double tumbler
quick change gear box/lead screw & whatever I'd need to mount the
box....etc...Anybody have these items for sale, or would it be simply
impossible to do??? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!
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Join the South Bend forum at
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and ask your questions. Lot's of experience on this type lathe there....
pandozer wrote:
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Dave Young
Hey pandozer,
Welcome to the group. Stay in touch. Lots of knowledge from others here.
You may find items of interest at:
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You got some good advise already I see. Now, about getting parts and other stuff, that will have a lot to do with where you/the-lathe is located. I'm a bit familiar with the SE Michigan area, and can suggest a few there, but no use if you are in Texas sort of thing. And it's not too early to start mentioning that Cabin Fever (near Philly) and NAMES (in Toledo) that are both model engineering shows which are getting into calendar range, and good stuff is available at both of them
Take care. Good luck.
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Brian Lawson
You can decode the catalog number and serial number of your lathe here:
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According to pandozer :
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I don't think so. The "Heavy 10" is supposed to accept a drawbar for 5C collets, which requires a larger spindle diameter. (The bore through the spindle has to be something like 1-3/8" (IIRC), which would leave only 1/8" wall thickness (neglecting the taper at the end). In my experience, the smallest threaded spindle nose for 5C collets is 2-1/4x8 (as my 12" Clausing had). Yours may be the "10 H" which is the light duty 10" -- lord only knows why they put an 'H' on that -- just to confuse people, I suspect. :-)
This I don't know -- but I'll bet that someone else here does.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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