3Ph converter idler motor speed

Hello group: I am one of the probably many lurkers on this site and I wish to thank all contributors to this newsgroup for adding to my somewhat limited knowledge of machining, it amazes me the massive knowledge base that is available here, I enjoy reading everything that is posted-even the OT post witch at the very least are entertaining :). I do have a question though, somewhere I saw a post dealing with 3ph converters, specifically the best speed for the idler motor. I am in the process of building a 30HP 3PH converter to run a new inverter welder that I have,a welder that can not be run on single phase but will run on

240,360,440 volts 3PH,it was made for shipboard (marine) use only-for UNITOR by Lincoln France,(Unitor is a suppler of commercial marine equipment world wide).I have access to almost any size(up to 150HP),speed( from 3900rpm to 870 rpm)and type of motor plus all the caps,contacts,switches,wire and boxes I will need. Any help or information is greatly appreciated. I am located in central Florida near Orlando and as I stated above I have access to a large supply of industrial and military surplus, electrical items,machining supply and equipment,hydraulic and welding equipment-I deal in surplus part time to supplement my retirement income but have friends that are in the business on a large scale so if anybody here needs anything send me a email and I will try to help. Thanks again: Bill K
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