Cannot drill fat steel?

I'd been having problems drilling 1/2 inch thick steel on a
drill press. Only about 1/4 inch deep the 1/2" HSS drill bit
would seize or glaze the steel and will cease to drill any
The drills were sharpen with diamond disc and sharpen
keen to the tip finishing with a 400 grit diamond. Should I
be using cutting oil, coolant or a different type of drill bit?
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Tibur Waltson
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You should clamp it between two pices of metal or hardwood of about 1cm thik.
Johnny Verhoeven
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Johnny Verhoeven
You may be drilling the steel at too high of a spindle speed. Yes you should use a coolant. It may also be the steel you are using. If it is 4130 it may be hardening because of spindle speed and the heat that generates.
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