How to tell if a mill has Chrome Ways?

I've finally found a really sharp Bridgeport Mill in Los Angeles (it
seems like most of them are in the midwest or back east) and I was
wondering how to tell if it has the "chrome ways" that seemed to be a
desireable option?
This thing comes with so many options (3axis DRO, 3axis powerfeeds,
pneumatic drawbar, Kurt vice, micro-drop lube spray, etc, etc.) that
I'm tempted to get it anyway, but the family selling it didn't know if
Dad bought the "chromed ways" option. How important is it to get the
chrome ways on a Bridgeport? I drove out there to see it and the
machine is absolutely beautiful and has almost zero wear, but if you
guys can educate me about the 'chrome' I would love to hear about it.
Maybe you can tell by seeing the pictures? Here is the eBay ad
listing number: 7590917948
Thanks for any info you can give me...
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