120V Dryer @ 60Hz

How can I make a Clothes Dryer rated 120 volts 60Hz work in a country with
240 volts 50Hz. Will Electric range and other tools like rotary saw and
hammer drill also work?
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Kissi Asiedu
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In the UK, you can easily buy construction site transformers, which give you 110V with a centre-trapped earth. This would be fine for tools up to 3kW, but for anything much more, you should weigh up carefully if it's going to be cheaper to replace. You don't say what the power consumption of your drier and range are.
Induction and synchronous motors will run slower and possibly hotter. Your drier likely has an induction motor as it probably operates at only one speed. Hand tools usually have universal motors which are smaller for the same power output, and don't care about the mains frequency.
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Andrew Gabriel

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