Advantages to 460v compressor

Can anyone explain what the advantages are to having a 460v/3 phase over 208-230v compressor. This is in reference to air conditioning equipment and I'm trying to determine why you would want a 460v unit over 208-230v or 277v unit. Thanks in advance.

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At 460 volts the current is less for the same power. Example: A 10 hp

208v 3-phase squirrel cage motor with FLA =3D 30.8 amperes requires No. 8 conductors while a the same motor at 460 volts ahs with FLA=3D14 amperes that requires No. 14 conductors using 90 degree C copper conductors on a 75 degree termination. Try my calculator at:
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The disadvantage is 460 volts is more dangerous to work around is less commonly available especially for residential services.
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