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I'm considering to purchase a pc based logic analyzer. After a bit of shopping around I narrowed down my options to either the Logicport from Intronix or the Annie-USB from Janatek, maybe even their Logic-16 as well.

Before I make the final decision, is there anyone of you that owns any of these instruments? The obvious reason for the logicport is the fact that it costs only U $389 for 32 channels and 500Mhz sampling rate. I have however read this little faq article on janatek's website on how to evaluate(compare) between various logic analyzers and I'm having doubts of buying a logicport. The Annie-USB although a tad more expensive seems to be a really good quality instrument. Any of you having thoughts on this.

Luckily the need is not pressing so I have a couple of days.

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The April 2008 issue of Evaluation Engineering Magazine has a review article on PC based logic analyzers at the following URL:

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In that article, the LA1034 (LogicPort) Intronix Test Instruments looked like a decent low cost rig, but then don't provide a detailed discussion of just that unit.

I used an article in the July 2004 issue of Nuts & Volts when I purchased a Digiview logic analyzer from back in 2004.

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While only 18 channels, it was enough for me. They recently added some serial protocol decoding to their software. I don't know if all companies make their software available as a free download, but this was one of the nice features of the Digiview. I could email compressed collected streams to colleagues and they could look at the same data that I was looking at, (instead of sending single shot image files). Their compression was great as well, but I think most are pretty decent now.

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