aluminum + copper

What are the "oh oh's" of combining an aluminum and copper wire in the same terminal?

Talking probably an existing aluminum "00" with an added # 3 copper, both stranded.

Thanks. Lee.

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As long as you using a listed connector there should be no problem as to the connection. There are lots of cu-al connections made. I do question why the differences in size. If the 00 is the side with the over current protection set at the max of the 00 then the #3 is to small unless your using one of the tap rules. Better check

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problem as to the

side with the

to small

The question arose when someone said the two together causes corrosion. That was sort of a new one for me, and I simply wasn't sure.

The loads are ok, as the reason for tapping off, the new 220v breaker I'm going to use is the "slow trip" type, and won't work (different mfg) in the existing 200amp box, so I'll just tap off to a seperate single breaker type box made for it.

Thanks for the input. Lee.

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The two materials have different coefficients of expansion. As the joint heats/cools they expand/contract at different rates. That allows air to get between the conductors, forming aluminum oxide, and it makes the joint loosen, at least temporarily, until the temperature returns to normal.

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Technical question. If the measure of heat from radiation and the tabled ampacities of Mayer, or further exporations of the ampacity hot spot possible at the Al Cu junction, there could be further ampacity structural math workups, USNRC Docket 358-50, Contention

17, has dated references.

Increased current could mask the arrangement given random increased load. Dream on nacelles' wind, Caught in tepid Tome, an urge, Gin in from the cold.

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Douglas Scot Gillman

A term, i don't know if this is a PAX missing of sarai, lod, ono, text usurpation of a word...

also Holman's heat flow, an e word not yet in the index, mentioned at the OL hearing.

Interdimensional travel of text has become a private concern of mine.

Good luck in your query.

Dream on nacelles' wind, Caught in tepid Tome, an urge, Gin in from the cold.

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Douglas Scot Gillman

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