Welding copper+aluminum buss bars?

My father (an aerospace/semiconductor engineer) used to tell me about a way that bars of half aluminum, half copper were made. I think pressed together under high current in an inert atmosphere. Conductors for joining power station circuits that were dissimilar metals, IIRC.

Just the other day I was going through his stuff and I found a couple of these. One polished, the othe rough finished. Really interesting objects. Can anyone expand on the welding process and maybe on the parts' application? My memory is really fuzzy since I was pretty young at the time.


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Could be explosive welded.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Sounds like resistance welding, only in an inert atmosphere.

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I also have a large 'stew' pot that has a t ripple layer bottom.

SS outer boot then AL then SS inner. I have to look at it closer, but the outer boot is welded to the inner lining (the pan) and the Al was compression (explosive force) welded to the SS. The Al is a heat spreader. At one time, copper was used.


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Martin H. Eastburn

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