beryllium copper welding

Anyone have any experience welding beryllium copper. We are looking to weld thin sheet .010" thk. into a tube using TIG. Have looked at the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). We plan on using a HEPA filter and respirator. Any comments.

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Take care of any outstanding legal matters beforehand, and hug your wife goodby.

Nasty toxic stuff. Very few shops will touch the stuff anymore.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

I would not consider HEPA filter in a respirator good enough for such a toxic material. When you can't breath any of the fumes must use LP air supplied mask in pressure breathing mode. Speedglass welding helmet with air line isn't good enough but speedglass use to advertise welding lens adapter for Mine Safety air mask.

Should have welding fume extraction system to prevent exposing weldor to fumes and weldor should still use air line mask.

I would consult with expert before doing this type of work.

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R. Duncan

The HEPA, respirator were recommended by the material manufacturer. We do plan on consulting with an independent industrial hygienist and training everyone in the shop before we proceed. My main concern is safety and I am sure we can comply with all requirements. However, If we need a high exhaust to pull the fumes away, it may pull the TIG shielding gas away from the weld as well. I'm also assuming that the beryllium copper will weld similar to copper or phos. bronze.

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Beryllium is nasty, nasty, nasty. What you plan to do probably breaks work safety regulations of about every mildly developped country in the world.

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He's in business to sell you metal. The less you are worried, they more likely it is you will buy.

Maybe the HEPA filter for this application is legal in the same way cigarette smoke is legal - at your own risk.

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Rich Jones

Think glovebox. And do get some non-biased input (ie, not from the supplier). IIRC, much working of Be alloys requires not only a collector on the machines, but also a full supplied air monnsuit on the operators

- it is really nasty stuff.

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