Another air compressor wiring question

I need a little help. I bought a 7.0 hp, 80 gallon, 240V, single phase air
compressor last week. When it got here I connected a heavy duty appliance
cord to it and plugged it into a 240V outlet. It fired up right away and
ran for an hour to break it in per the owner's manual. No problems. I
wanted to install a switch so I didn't have to unplug it when I didn't want
it to run. I went and bought a 60 amp, 240V safety switch thinking that
would be adequate. I wired up the safety switch but when I turn it on it
trips the breaker on my breaker panel. I thought, and this is probably
where my mistake is, that the 240V circuit ran through a 40 amp breaker. I
thought I would be alright with a 60 amp safety switch. Turns out it's
*two* 40 amp breakers. I've got it wired from the outlet->heavy duty
appliance cord->safety switch->8 ga. wire->pressure switch on the
compressor. The manual said to use 8 gauge wire to the pressure switch.
What's the best way to install a switch between the outlet and the
compressor? Do I need a higher amp rating safety switch? I'm 99.9% sure
I've got everything connected right and grounded properly.
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Bud LeCompte
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Never mind. I got it working. It was that 0.1%.
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Bud LeCompte
that motor needs a contactor and thermal protection at least i would also fuse it at the isolation switch bet that pressure switch gets real hot
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