Ariel run of romex ?

I have to replace a Ariel drop to a sigh in the parking lot, It was taken out by a truck over the weekend. I checked the code and it states it shall be no less than 14 ft.the old was

12'. The old drop was just a piece of 25" uf romex, can I use romex or do I have to use a type of messenger cable ? Don't have a clue where to look it up in the code book.


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On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 11:47:34 -0400, Sonco put forth the notion that...

You can't use Romex. Assuming local ordinances aren't requiring anything new to be run underground, you can use minimum #8 single conductors supported with porcelain knobs like a service drop, or use messengerized cable as you mentioned.

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Checkmate has it. You can run your type UF (not the same thing as Romex) on a messenger wire. You can't just string it up there.

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Is this a public area, commercial or private property? It makes a difference on whether you need to follow code.

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Johan Lexington

OK to kill your self but not the public?

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Norman Buck

You really should follow code regradless of where the installation is. The code is designed to provide a minimum level of safety that people who have many thougsands of years of expereince have deemed appropriate. Sometimes the reasons for things are not obvious but there are generally solid reasons why the code is written as it is.

I would be very suspicious of running 25 feet of UF without support.

BTW Romex is a trade name, but is also commonly used to describe type NM cable, the stuff you see fished through walls. UF cable iks underground feeder cable, and might be made by Romex but is a diffferent cable.

You can't use NM outside at all because it is not suitable for wet locations.

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Bob Peterson

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