Assumption in engineering - brainstorm

Did we aware that a lot of assumption have been made in engineering to
solve (theorem,formulas and factor)certain problem exist. Why it is
happen?. Could we said that our scientists or pioneers can not find
proper methods or leaks somewhere thus everybody come out with their
own way or may be our weakness.
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I assume this is your theory?
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And I thought Inspector Closseau was dead or are you Peter Sellers?. jaymack
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John McLean
-------------- In many cases one could spend 100 times the computational effort for an "exact" result but find that the "exact" result is no better than the approximation due to the limits and uncertainties with real materials as opposed to what they "should be" or that the difference between the "exact" and the approximate solutions are negligable.
If a more refined approach is needed- it is used, otherwise why bother?
Example- in modelling a length of wire, one can go with the following
DC: if resistance is low compared to the load-it may often be idealised to a perfect conductor, if not, it is treated as a resistive component.
AC 1)low frequency -treat as with DC 2)somewhat higher frequency - include inductance and possibly skin effect 3)higher yet -also include capacitance 4)higher yet- treat as a distributed parameter line 5)higher yet- it is treated as a waveguide -invoking EM field theory.
Computational effort increases from 1 to 5 Judgement/ experience determines which approach is used. Certainly one must be aware of the assumptions used and the limits on their validity and usefulness- That is, know what you are doing.
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Don Kelly
To our group,
Very much appreciate to your kind explaination.
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