Could anyone tell me the AWG equivalent to the following cable sizes please.
1.5mm Conduit Cable K/M
2.5mm Conduit Cable K/M
2.5mm Earth Cable K/M
4.0mm Conduit Cable K/M
6.0mm Conduit Cable K/M
10.0mm Conduit Cable K/M
16.0mm Conduit Cable K/M
16.0mm * 4 Armoured Cable
4.0mm *
4 Armoured Cable
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Kissi Asiedu
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Gee. One inch = 25.4mm by act of Congress. Any book of electrical engineering data, the ARRL handbook for example, will have diameters of AWG conductors in inches. Calculators are cheap.
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Be very careful the rating for cable in the USA are different to the European rating even for the same cross sectional area. Check NFPA 79 for machinery wiring or NEC 70 for general installation wiring.
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Someone had figured this out for me and I found it at this website:
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