Books On Building Studio Monitor Speakers?

What's a good book for designing your own studio monitor speakers?

I was wondering if you knew of any diy projects to build studio monitor speakers like the mackie hr824:

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or other types of pro monitor speakers?

I'm putting together a home-recording studio and all I'm missing are the monitor speakers. I'd like to get the mackie hr824 or higher end products, but I can't afford them. Would you know of any resources which could help me build monitor speakers myself? Thanks,

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If this helps, I set up my "quiet room on a very small budget" in a slightly different way. My local uni did a response graph of a microphone for me for free. I put it roughly where my head normally would be, in the room, and then set up the equalisers on each channel individually, in turn, to allow for the relatively cheap speakers (usual stuff - spare concrete tubes and a bit of carpentry) and the less than ideal acoustics of the room. Whenever I move the room around or add extra furniture or stuff, I repeat the overall equalisation process.

I am quite pleased with the result, although it took some getting used to - it sounded "wrong" for a while.

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and renowned equipment it was! see

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but less then optimal for nearfield monitors :)

i have a preference for Tannoy Reveal

if the desire is to get a nice little studio up and running I'd put your construction efforts into building the furniture and go ahead and buy the Mackie or the Behringer Truth.

to get maybe some useful information (and a lot of irrelevant nonsense) try asking in

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Vance Dickason's Loudspeaker Design Cookbook 6th Edition has a studio monitor recipe. It's a very good speaker design book in general.

Part Sex Press used to have the kit, but I see they don't anymore.

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