Cell phone experts any one ?

Hello people,

My CDMA phone went "missing" and was "found" after a couple of days. Ever since this guy in whose presence the phone went missing has known about all my conversations.

My guess is :

  1. It is a cell to cell wiretap.
  2. Each time I turn my phone on a message is displayed on his cell phone.
  3. He can make normal calls from his cell phone while being able to listen to my calls.

Could someone tell me how many ways can he do this in? So I can check what he did.

Thanks guys!

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Suggest you have it out with him, in front of a Police officer ...

-- Adrian C

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Adrian C

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In article , susan_2007 snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com (known to some as Susan) scribed...

Hmmm... Have you looked over your shoulder to see if he's there for each call you've made? That's about the only way he could have such knowledge, and even then it'd only be your half of the conversation.

If you had the technical knowledge and resources to "check what he did," you would already know that the methods you've described are not technically possible, given how the CDMA system works.

Perhaps a visit to your local shrink would be a Good Thing?

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Dr. Anton T. Squeegee

What would be wrong, other than inconvenience, with getting a new number?


-- Fermez le Bush

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Salmon Egg

Your guess is most likely wrong unless this guy is in law enforcement. If he knows what calls have been placed/received on your phone than my guess is he obtained access to your billing account online. That could have been easy for him to do with the phone in hand, for instance you can go to the t-mobile website and request a password reset- the new password comes to the phone in a text message. I'd look into that possibility first.

As another poster wrote, you should change your phone number. It will give you peace of mind at the very least. Oh, and stop hanging around with creeps! :-))

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I use solid wire

I suggest you take your phone in for service. explain that you think an unintended recipient is receiving or monitoring you calls. ask to talk to a service tech. don't elaborate. merely state the problem. the service techs response is probably the closest you are going to get to an expert and truthful answer.

if he does not have a small screwdriver in his shirt pocket, he probably isn't a real tech.

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