Dirac Deltas and sampling for DSP processing, etc

Thanks to all of you who responded.
To those of you who felt the need to respond
in a childish manner - your response said far more
about you than anything I could ever say.
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Airy R Bean
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Note that this is from someone who (IIRC) postulated that millimetre-wave radiation from warm bodies was as a result of 'nuclear emissions' - and that electromagnetic radiation that causes temperature rise in distant objects across a vacuum occurs in 'heat bands' (later excused as a 'simplified explanation'), or said that 'dBs are only ever a ratio of powers' and then quoted 400V divided by 0.1V as being 36 dB (but who also said that '.....they're being taught by people who claim to have two degrees and yet who use the dB to express voltage ratios).
We on uk.radio.amateur have long enjoyed Mr Bean's mental gymnastics!
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He's a notional treasure.
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Anton Deque

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