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Hi all i need an electric motor with the following performances:

- max RPM 12000

- power 10-15 KW

- good and continuous adjustability of RPMs from 3000 RPM to 12000 RPM.

What is the best motor to choose ? AC, DC , brushless, with inverter.. I'm not an electrical engineer and so not expert of the problems that can born. Thanks in advance to whose help me . Bye.

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12,000 RPM???? Wow. Really fast. Special motor.
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That is a pretty good size motor for that speed. There may be a number of approaches. But these are guesses. Pay someone for really professional info.

  1. Offhand, I would think dc motor in order to get the speed adjustability.

  1. I also think of ac motors designed for 400Hz aircraft service. A four pole motor will be synchronous at 12,000 rpm. Drive them with a variable speed ac drive. Three phase would be nice. You might have to go a bit over

400Hz to hit 12,000 rpm in an induction motor.


-- Fermez le Bush

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Salmon Egg

------------------ It would be a special motor- possibly DC but could be 400Hz 4 pole AC - check the aircraft industry.

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Don Kelly

We need more information to answer this question. Here are a few questions: What torque is required at various speeds? In other words do you need the full 15kW at all speeds? Is gearing or belting allowed to obtain the necessary speed which is a high number for this size motor? What angular acceleration is needed? What is the duty cycle? What type power is available? Is dynamic braking required and at what torque? What speed regulation is needed and how does the load vary? My first inclination is to suggest a two pole three phase 20HP induction motor running on a variable frequency inverter, 20HP. This motor runs naturally at nearly 3000RPM or 3600 RPM depending on what your line frequency is. On the inverter, in would run from a few RPM to about 4000RPM under variable frequency speed control. For your application, you gear it up

3 to 1 with belting to get your required speed. I would check with motor suppliers in your region to see what they have available for your application.
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Bob Eld

Do a search for a "spindle motor". They are designed for high speed applications. Rueland Electric in Los Angeles is one source, there are others.

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Bob Ferapples

From a design point of view it is very difficult to specify a motor without details of the entire system

  1. The nature of the load
  2. The nature of the control you wish to excercise over this load
  3. How quickly you wish to carry out a full processing cycle.....for instance for a centrifuge
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