Plugging cryostat designed for 50Hz into 60Hz but same voltage

Hi, Everyone!

Cryostat is device that has electronic components and compressor. I have a cryostat that is designed for 220-230V 50Hz. If I plug it into

220-230V 60Hz, what is going to happen?

What I understand is that frequency change may cause current change depending on change of the impendance. How is the impedance of the compressor changed? What kind of circuit is usually in compressor? (in terms of R, L and C).

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  1. Check with the manufacturer.

  1. Try it and see. Use independent temperature measuring equipment to verify correct operation.

There will likely be a motor which powers a reciprocating compressor. The motor may or not, depending on design, run slightly faster than designed, by a factor of 6:5. The electronics will be supplied with low voltage DC and will most likely be unaffected. I doubt that correct temperature sensing will be affected. It will probably operate OK. You are very unlikely indeed to harm the device by connecting it to a 60Hz supply.

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