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As a trained electrical engineer what would be a good side job, is it possible to become and inspector for residences or something like that?


John Marinacci

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If you're any good, send a resume to your local OEMs, bodyshops, consulting houses. If you look good on paper, contact some of the big corporate houses--Aerotek, Volt, etc.

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The OP was looking for side jobs, which might mean a desire to branch out from his chosen field for reasons other than lack of work. I do some carpentry and construction just because sitting at my desk doing EE work can get monotonous. I also don't need the money.

As to the question of doing home inspections, it depends on the OPs experience in this area. There is quite a bit of knowledge involved with residential construction aside from the electrical part. If the OP has gained that kind of knowledge through osmosis or previous work, fine. But there are quite a few EEs who wouldn't recognize a bad foundation if it fell on them. There may also be licensing requirements, depending on the jurisdiction.

As to the recommendations for job shops, the best thing to do is to ask a few employers who they use for hiring. In my experience, Aerotek and Volt provide real low level engineering 'grunts' for drafting and repetitive, mindless work. I haven't seen any businesses who would go to them for something like a licensed PE or any other key engineering functions. There are some executive placement services that handle this sort of thing, but they tend to be smaller, local outfits who have developed a high level of trust with area businesses.

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