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I am thinking about obtaining (residential?) electrician license (MA, USA). Where do I begin? Can anybody refer me to some sort of a prep book? Do I need to study whole NEC? I have EE background. Thanks for any hint.

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Call a vocational school ( Dean Vocational in Holyoke MA) they can provide all the pointers.

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I don't know what's like in USA, but here to obtain an electrician's license, either you will have to graduate from college (like I did)OR study in a special high school, graduate, work as apprentice for a year and a half AND pass examinations to get the license.I am licensed up to 75 kW.That's more than enough for the beginning.MA is Massachussets, isn't it?

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Hire on with a residential electrical contractor and start swinging your tools.

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For a journeyman's license, usually just the first 4 Chapters.

I have EE background.

Check with your local Building Department as each area is different. Most will waive the schooling requirement for EE's, but still require some field experience, usually at least 2 years for residential.

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For residential, the laws vary greatly from state to state and sometimes within a state. Residential codes and licensing can be very local. Try google and see if MA has any statewide requirements. If so, it makes it easier to work in the state, otherwise, you may need to get license in each jurisdiction.

I think NFPA has study guides you can use. I used one to get my plans examiner certification and it was very thorough.


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Michael, I specialize in creating online courses to obtain your license in just about any jurisdiction that uses the 2002 NEC or any code that is similar to it. Try my site

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Most course material there is free!!!

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