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What is the BEST way to know how Islam is going to change your life than reading other people stories and to see how Islam changed their
lives Start reading NOW...
Below a collection of converts' stories which are enlightening, heart- warming and inspiring in equal measure. These new Muslims come from a variety of backgrounds. They include intellectuals, scientists, priests, and artists, young and old, from around the globe. Most of these converts are former Christians or from a Christian background. These testimonies only represent a drop in the ocean however, since every day hundreds of people convert to Islam all around the world. Amongst the most powerful and thought-provoking testimonies are those of former Christian priests and missionaries who have discovered the one true religion.
Name Home Prior Belief Notes/Quotes
Akifah Baxter Florida, USA Christian background "I felt like all along I had been a Muslim".
Amal USA Roman Catholic "The trinity was a lingering concern for me.."
American Sister USA Catholic "I am a 17 year old Caucasian American girl .."
Amina Canada Christian "When Islam is practiced accordingly, it is a beautiful sight"
Amina Mosler Germany Christian "God guides whom He pleases to the right path"
Aminah Assilmi USA Christian "I couldn't be a Muslim! I was American and white!"
Amirah Arkansas, USA Baptist "..the words "terrorist lover" spray painted..". Her homepage
Amy Lea Reinking USA Christian Her website is aimed at women
Anja Germany Christian background A complete book on her journey to Islam. Also in Deutsch
Anonymous ? Catholic "Muslims are not people to be feared"
Asiya Abd Al Zahir Australia Christian "..the only religion I have ever been completely sure of.."
Bushra Finch ? Christian ".. I found unacceptable, particularly the idea of the Trinity"
C. Huda Dodge USA Catholic/Presbyterian "..I am truly happy and at peace.."
Carol ? Christian background "I felt that my soul had been set free!"
Celine Ludic ? Catholic "..I now wear Hijab and I am very happy.."
Chahida Zanabi Norway Christian "..i found [a belief that Jesus died] illogical and unjust". Homepage
Cheryl ? Catholic "..I had to asked Allah for forgiveness, there is no middle man.."
Dani USA Catholic/Buddhist/Pent. "..I just knew that there is only ONE GOD"
Deanne Australia Christian background "Muslim girls that were somehow more liberated than I felt"
Elizabeth ? Catholic "Islam was the missing piece in my life"
Erin/Sumaya ? Christian "I was amazed at the scientific knowledge in the Qur'an"
Evangeline Do Canada Protestant (see note) United Church of Canada. See the Vietnamese Muslims' Homepage
eye ? Jehovah's Witness "And everyday I thank Allah for letting me find Islam"
Lady Evelyn UK ? "Islam is the religion of common sense"
Fathima South Africa Pentecostal "I turned to Allah and finally I found peace and tranquillity"
Fathima Ranshiz Philippines Christian "[Listening to] recitation of .. Quran I used to enjoy a kind of solace"
Fatima Kazue Japan ?
Former Missionary Africa Roman Catholic This sister was formerly a missionary ! A revealing testimony !
Gabriela Pruneda Texas, USA Catholic "I never thought I would myself become a Muslim some day"
Hanifa Ireland Catholic
Helena Sweden Protestant "I was fed all the propaganda through mass media.."
Hudda Droll USA ? "I cried and I cried, thanking God for this precious gift.."
Iman ? Lutheran "It didn't take long for me to convert.."
Indrani Singapore Hindu Indrana and her husband share their touching story
Jade Canada Catholic "I began to realize the many contradictions of the Catholic religion"
Jamilah ? Seventh Day Adventist "I had .. intentions of converting Muslims and I became converted"
Jemima Goldsmith UK Jewish background Daughter of billionaire Sir James Goldsmith
Jenni Rauhala Finland Christian Her website about Islam, in Finnish
Jewellee USA ? "..the best thing I ever did in my life and I never looked back"
Joanne Richards CA, USA Catholic background "..embracing Islam has been the single greatest gift ever.."
K.H. Abdullateef USA ? "What kind of book was this?"
Kareema Michigan, USA Christian "Why would God create himself in human form and die?"
Karen Flamiano USA Catholic "If Jesus is God, then why did he have a conversation with God"
Dr. Kari Ann Owen USA ? "I began to look .. to Islamic culture for moral guidance"
Karima ? Secular Humanist "..I have found the door to spiritual and intellectual freedom"
Karimah ? Southern Baptist " never actually heard the whole Bible - only select verses"
Kathy Canada Atheist "I was once a happy 'speculative atheist'"
Khadija Ireland Catholic background "I felt really sure that there is no God but Allah"
Khadija ? ? "..God Almighty in His Infinite Mercy answered my prayers"
Khadija Philippines Catholic "Teresita converted to Islam? What got into her?"
Khadijah ? Catholic "I am a better person today and I have faith in my Allah"
Khadijah Watson Now S. Arabia Christian Former pastor, missionary, professor. Master's Degree in Divinity
Lara Canada None "I find Islam ever-more fascinating, and I enjoy living as a Muslima"
Laure France Buddhist background "I was afraid to be seriously wounded"
Leila Raffin Paris, France Catholic background "Islam has a very bad image in non-muslim countries.."
Lori Ohio, USA Christian "If Jesus was God than how could Jesus (God) die on the cross?"
Lyla CA, USA Quaker background "I felt so peaceful and happy"
Madonna Johnson ? Christian background "..all of my turmoil and anxiety was gone.."
Mahasin ? Jehovah's Witness "..we would knock on doors on Satuarday mornings.."
Mahmuda Australia Catholic "..I had always been a Muslim without being aware of it"
Malaak VA, USA Christian/None "I knew that the things in the Qur'an had to be from Allah"
Mary Abdalla MA, USA Catholic "I was determined to find something wrong with Islam". Homepage
Maryam Egypt/USA Catholic/Buddhism "There is no more conflict within, because I have come home"
Maryam bint Noel Australia/UK Baha'i Faith "I began to find Baha'i theology to be not quite honest". E-Mail her !
Maryam Jameelah USA/Pakistan Jew Formerly Margaret Marcus. Well known writer. Letter to her parents
Mas'udah UK ? "No .. religion .. have I found so comprehensible and encouraging"
Mavis B. Jolly UK Church of England "..influenced by the usual condemnation .. I picked on polygamy"
Melanie Texas, USA Christian " heart screamed that this is the missing piece to the puzzle!"
Michelle USA Catholic (Jewish origin) "I wish all mankind could come to know the truth (haqq) of Islam"
Michelle Al-Nasr ? ? "..Islam, is my way of life, my love, my peacefulness, and my hope"
Monica Ecuador/USA Catholic "Islam, in contrast to Catholicism, seemed very pure"
Muslim Sister USA Christian "You're American? Oh, your husband must be from the Middle East"
Nadia USA Christian
Natassia M. Kelly USA Christian
Noor UK Hindu Insights into Women in Islam vs. Women in Hinduism
Nourallah ? ? "..i found my happiness in islam.."
Nur Habiba ? Christian "I am now 15 and wearing hijab and niqaab, subahaanallah"
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