Frequently Asked Questions!

there are many important questions in our lives we aren't sure of
their answers...
Q: Who is your Lord?
A: My Lord is ALLAH the creator of the universe and all
=BFQ: How many Gods are there?
A: There is only one God not two or three; and no partners He has or
co-Gods. Q: How did Allah introduce Himself to mankind?! A: Allah has
sent messengers to deliver His significance to both mankind and
Q: What is your religion?
A: My religion is "Islam" it means "submission" to the one and only
God [ALLAH] and to have full obedience to Him and to His messengers.
Q: Who is your messenger?!
A: Mohammad the son of Abdullah from the tribe of Quraish who received
revelation from Allah through angel Gabriel to all mankind; to worship
Allah and no other God or Gods.
Q: What is your Holy Book?
A: My Holy Book is the "Koran" it means "Readable" it contains Allah's
words and dominions and regulations to the followers of Islam.
Q: What is the Sunnah?
A: "Sunnah" is the oral teachings of Prophet Mohammad collected by his
followers and comrades containing explanations of daily actions taken
by Muslims and clarifying some guidelines in the Koran.
Q: What is Emaan (Faith)?
A: Emaan is to believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers
and the Day of Resurrection and in destiny with its goodness or
Q: What is 'Ihsan?
A: 'Ihsan is to worship Allah as you are seeing Him; but though you
can't see Him; He sees you.
Q: What is the difference between a Prophet and a Messenger?
A: a Prophet is a person who obtained a revelation from Allah without
delivering it to specific people (i.e. Ishmael, Isaac, Job...); but a
messenger is a person who obtained a revelation from Allah with the
task of delivering it to either specific people or to all people, for
example; Jesus Christ was a messenger only to Israelis but Mohammad
was a messenger to all mankind and jinn.
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