Electrical 10 commandments

  1. Beware of lightning that lurketh in an uncharged condenser lest it cause thee to bounce upon thy buttocks in a most embarrassing manner
  2. Cause thou the switch that supplieth large quantities of juice to be opened and thusly tagged, that thy days may be long in this earthly vale of tears.
  3. Prove to thyself that all circuits that radiateth, and upon which thy worketh, are grounded and thusly tagged lest they lift thee to a radio frequency potential and causeth thee to make like a radiator, too.
  4. Tarry thou not amongst these fools that engage in intentional shocks for they are not long for this world and are surely unbelievers.
  5. Take care that thou useth the proper method when thou takest the measures of high-voltage circuits, that thou dost not incinerate both thee and thy test meter, for verily, though thou has no company property number and can be easily replaced, the test meter has one and, as a consquence, the loss of which bringeth much woe unto a purchasing agent.
  6. Take care that thou tamperest not with interlocks and safety devices, for this incurreth the wrath of the chief electrician and bring the fury of the engineers on his head.
  7. Work thou not on energized equipment for if thou doest so, thy friends will surely be buying beers for thy widow and consoling her in certain ways not generally acceptable to thee.
  8. Verily, verily I say unto thee, never service equipment alone, for electrical cooking is a slow process and thou might sizzle in thy own fat upon a hot circuit for hours on end before thy maker sees fit to end thy misery and drag thee into his fold.
  9. Trifle thee not with radioactive tubes and substances lest thou commence to glow in the dark like a lightning bug, and thy wife be frustrated and have not further use for thee except for thy wages.
  10. Commit thou to memory all the words of the prophets which are written down in thy Bible which is the National Electrical Code, and giveth out with the straight dope and consoleth thee when thou hast suffered a ream job by the chief electrician
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  1. Do not suck it and see.
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Airy R. Bean

I know of a case where #8 occurred. Man tangled with 120vac 60Hz on Friday after 8pm, couldn't let go or call out. Contact points were right hand and right leg. Was found Monday morning. Post Mortum indicated he died about noon Sunday when his heart cooked.

Sweet dreams ARM

PS I used to use two nails in a hotdog connected to 120vac as a training aid when I taught electrical safety in the USN.

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Alan McClure

I think that just made it to the top of my list of ways not to go. After a half hour you'd already be praying for the sweet release of death. I hope he blacked out long before noon on Sunday.

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Garrett Mace

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