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I was wondering if anybody could help me out with a little problem I am having. I am doing research for a model railroad I would love to model. I was thinking about modeling the railroad in Atlantic City, New Jersey during WW2. I currently work there now for a casino. Maybe that's where the fascination comes from. What I need help with is finding reference material. I have one book called Atlantic City Railroad Royal Route to the Sea. I am hoping to find other sources of information. Can anybody help?

Thanks, Bill

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Bill Perez
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Bill, two books you might find useful are:

"By Rail To The Boardwalk" Richard M. Gladulich, Trans-Anglo Books, Glendale, California, 1986. ISBN 0-87046-076-5

This book includes various track maps of Atlantic City over the years.

"Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines In Color" John P. Stroup, Morning Sun Books, Edison, New Jersey, 1996. ISBN 1-878887-57-2

I have both of these books, and can recommend them.

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Hi Bill:

Two additional books are:

"The Trains to America's Playground" The West Jersey Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.

"Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines" Crusader Press, PO Box 54, Ambler, PA 19002

The PRSL was formed in the early 30's from a "shotgun marriage" of the South Jersey interests of the PRR (Camden & Atlantic, West Jersey & Seashore) and the RDG (Atlantic City Railroad). The Press-Union archives, South Jersey Magazine plus the city and county libraries have a wealth of info and photos.

Since I lived less than two blocks from the terminal, as a young teen, during WW2, I haunted the engine terminal. Jimmy, the railroad cop finally stopped chasing me, when I told him that I was trying to build models,

During the WW2 era, the PRSL had no revenue freight cars. Camp cars were PRR standard, gray w/ black PRSL. Cabin cars were N-5, N-6b and some old ND. Passenger cars were tuscan P-70, PB-70 (ALCO, Eastern Car Works, Bachmann), B60 (Bethlehem Carworks) and some scattered RPO lettered PRSL.

Locomotives were numbered in the PRR 6000-6099 consisting of E6s, 4-4-2; H9s, 2-8-0; B6sb 0-6-0 (Bowser) plus one RDG A5s 0-4-0 Goat (Mantua) to work AC Electric Co. An OE55 doodlebug ran on the WJ&SS trackage through Mays Landing.

During the peak summer loads, RDG green PBn coaches (Bethlehem Carworks) were added along with PRR K4s 4-6-2 (Bowser, Bachmann); RDG G1s, 4-6-2, P7s 4-4-2 (Mantua rare).

The RDG truss draw (swing) bridge near the Expressway is about the only recognizable trackage or structure left.

Of similar basic design and dimensions, the Walthers Union Station makes a good starting point for kit-bashing the terminal building at Arkansas and Arctic Aves,

Hope this helps.

Thank you,


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