Help with Patco Lowering kit

I recently re-read an article about lowering the MDC HOn3 locos, by Norm
I've been away from the hobby for a number of years, and recently have
started working on it again. Yesterday I unpacked a number of my kits, 2
being the MDC inside frame and outside frame narrow gauge locos, and
remembered that there was some way to make them a little more authentic
looking. After digging out my Narrow gauge Gazettes, some MR and RMC mags, i
came across a couple of articles about the lowering kits. What I am hoping,
is that someone can point me in the right direction to purchase these items
so I can carry on with the conversions.
Any assistance that you can lend me would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,
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Did you see the article by James Scott Eakin on pg 79 of the October 1979 Model Railroader? He describes the process to lower the boilers on the two MDC kits in a way that does not require a kit. The four steps are: 1) cut 1/8" out of the vertical portion of the cylinder saddle and Goo the parts back together, 2) trim about 1/8" off the top of the firebox sides (until even with the top of the loco springs just in front of the firebox) on the top of the frame, 3) enlarge the hole for the frame tab on the back of the cab 1/8" taller, and then fill in the bottom with a bit of 1/8" plastic scrap (effectively raising the hole 1/8"), and 4) trim a bit of interfering material off the bottom of the boiler just ahead of the motor recess. From this, it's not clear why one would need a kit for this process, and what the kit would contain, except maybe a shorter cylinder block and a scrap of 1/8" plastic. Gary Q
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Thanks Geezer. That'll work out fine!
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Steve Tate

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