Emergency pullcord

Regarding emergency pullcords/wires on powered machinery:

I mean the type that is used to trigger an emergency stop on a machine if the operator pulls it, or steps on it.

(The cord/wire runs horizontally between the normally closed switch that it operates, on one side of the machine to a fixed 'eyelet' point at the other end of the machine)

Should the cord/wire be of a specific colour ?



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I've installed a ton of these. Not sure if there is a requirement, but they always seem to have a red cable when supplied with the switch.

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AFAIK, the colour need to contrast against the background - so a red wire with red machinery or yellow wire with yellow machinery wouldn't get approved during an H&S inspection. If it isn't clearly visible, it has to have contrasting colour markers on it to make it so.

There may or may not actually be written rules about this - it may be just down to the guy writing the risk assessment to specify.

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