Flush toilet and the security light goes out.

I was having a problem with voltage drop after putting in a new heat and air
system. had the guy from the power company out to tighten the line along
with me tightening my panel. I am still not sure if mine is solved but he
said he went to one call and the customer said when they flushed the toilet
that his security light went out.
The problem was found to be the well pump was causing enough drop that his
HID light would go out.
Pretty funny story that I am sure has been told more than once but I wanted
to hear it again.
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Now if we could turn on the faucet and have YOUR lights go out that would really be something.
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Sumetra Nosemaj
Now *that's* funny!..
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Cameron Dorrough
Reminds me of the time I changed my radiator hose and the ignition quit. After dark it was obvious what happened.
The radiator hose passed by, close to the ignition coil. The anti-collapse coil inside the hose touched the engine block at the lower end. The ignition coil had an insulation defect and in dim light you could see the spark jump over to the hose.
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