Frequency on multimeter

Can anybody tell me what is frequency measurment for on digital multimeters? Does that apply to AC power frequency, like 50 Hz or 60Hz or is this something completly different?

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Frequency = 1/time.

Switching thresholds and waveshape may have effects, but in the end F=1/t



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Hugh Neary

Frequency measurement means just that, measurement of an AC signal's frequency, or number of complete cycles per second.

Every DMM with frequency capability that I have ever used works at powerline frequencies. IIRC, a Fluke 8060 is good up to 200 kHz or so.

Bob Weiss N2IXK

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Bob Weiss

Pretty much a digital frequency counter...usually used for calibration or troubleshooting......sure alot easier than a scope.....

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Ross Mac

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