Got a FRONTECH JIL-2513 from Shweta Comp, Hyd.- 14.06.08- price 1550 bucks Charged it for ~12 hrs as per advice. Checked it for sustaining CPU and monitor.- 15.06.08 Felt happy, got a good piece. Short lived. I put off the monitor thinking of "global responsibility"!!! CPU was running. When monitor was put on again, LO, ..... with a 'pop' whole system goes for booting again and checkdisk started as usual. thought i might have swapped some sockets and redid the exercise. Result is same. Feel good factor evaporated. It could not sustain a surge from monitor and killed supply to cpu also ! wow. what an understanding by FRONTECH guys of basics! Today is sunday, should go to shweta guys tomorrow with mix of attitudes should talk for some alternative.

Called a comp man and got to know some darker side (the UPS box is of course dark black) of this piece. he said APC on the whiter side . think of swapping the piece for a dearer Apc. AT LEAST POM (peace of mind, in stead of 'pieces'...hahaha..) relatively assured.

Hats off to subji mandi of pheripherals and terror the syllable" C H I N A" written on the box invokes.

If some advice on the matter would be offered AND corrected reg procedure somewhere, I feel helped and assure myself of not having been pushed to corner by (AF)FRONTECH GUYS.. HA HA HA.

just think again before F-TECH UPS purchase!!!! REG

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Sir how to charge it

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