Broken anvil

Hi Guys,

A tale of woe.

I had a nice piece of pattern welded steel underway, and was happily pounding away on my cheap piece of crap anvil (which I'd already repaired with a new face).

Blam, blam, blam, thunk... oh dear.

Well I've got to admit it did suffer more abuse than it was designed for.

There's always a good side to every story. After failing miserably in getting an anvil off Ebay, I bit the bullet and this morning purchased a locally made Odweyer anvil. I didn't want the 98 kg one, as it's a bit of over kill for what I do. The 40 kg looked all right, however again it was still over kill. The 20 kg one is what I settled on. It has a nice clean face with well defined hardy hole and pritchel. The horn although designed for horse shoes will make excellent loops and sockets. It has a set of bending stakes cast into the side. The only thing that's missing is a table, but for the price of $385 AUD (or $350 if you're exempt our GST), not too shabby.

So yes I was sad to loose a tool that has helped me make some pretty nice knives, but realise this is going to make my life a little easier.

Regards Charles

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You big Lunk!!! :-) Never mind mate, keep the broken one, you might get good enough at welding one day to fix it. I'm hoping I'll get that good one day :)

you did good on the new anvil. they are a nice anvil, used one once or twice.

Went to a clearing sale last saturday, oh boy did the prices get silly. A swage block, about 15" square went for $1600 + 10%GST.... and a pile of about 40 old anvil tools and a few hand tools missing handles, many of them well worn and good for little more thanlooking at got $1000 + GST

Thats just stupid, but thats collectors for you.

Regards Rusty_ir> Hi Guys,

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When Rusty_iron put fingers to keys it was 3/7/07 7:51 AM...

Tempts a body to sell off the old stuff and use the proceeds to buy new.

So, what broke?

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but for the price of $385 AUD (or $350 if

At 300.00 us that seems a bit pricey.If you didnt already buy it, try Ken davis and sons farrier supply.they could sell you a cliff carroll 35 pound for 135.00 us and even with shipping you would still be ahead Paddy P the wannabe

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Not always a good idea, some of the older tools are waaaaay better.

I cracked the anvil through the body... like I said it was a piece of junk, and it was bound to happen sooner or later.

If I break this "new" anvil I'll enter the Olympics ;-)

Regards Charles

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Well actually... no.

The cost of the Cliff Carol Anvil is $176.99 AUD and postage using UPS (can't use the ground service to Australia) is $484.97 AUD

So in total it would cost me $661.96 AUD.

I paid $385 AUD or $299.16 USD.

So I think I'm ahead, by buying locally, also the manufacturers are in Victoria, so if anything goes wrong I can drive down and show them a broken anvil ;-)

Regards Charles

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